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How can Langford Learning help me?

Whether you’re a business executive, educator, or administrator, Langford Learning will work with you to meet your professional and personal growth goals. David P. Langford has developed both online courses and one-on-one coaching programs to help your business or school district meet and beat challenges.

  • Learn how to move from Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation, and why it is essential in creating thriving learning and work environments.  Intrinsic motivation reduces stress.
  • Learn why the foundation of Dr. Edward’s Deming’s SoPK (System of Profound Knowledge) is vital to quality improvement.

Resources for Business

  • Business professionals, executives, and teams have long benefitted from the same concepts and lessons taught to educators in Quality Tools and PDSA.
  • Deeper critical thinking and better problem solving contribute to 21st Century Skills. Langford Learning can provide you with the fundamental skills to have both.
  • David P. Langford can help you and your team learn how to solve problems, better collaborate, and use Quality Tools while minimizing conflict.

Resources for Administrators

  • Langford Learning can provide you with the system, processes, and tools to improve your life, learning, and relationships with colleagues.
  • We will teach you a whole new philosophy that will enable you to create learning systems that optimize learning and performance for everyone in the organization

Resources for Educators

  • We can teach you a new way to engage students in their learning in classrooms and schools successfully by understanding how to use data to manage learning and performance within the system and applying neuroscience with quality processes to draw students into learning experiences.
  • We can teach you how to use Quality Tools and the Probletunity PDSA 9-Step problem-solving process. Our problems can become our opportunities – Probletunities!
``The ability to perform quality improvement miracles in every learning system has always been available to us; it is the power within. The processes and concepts have been developed and tested in business and education for decades. All we need to do is start. We hope you will join us on the cutting edge of common sense.`` David P. Langford