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Online training and support that initially started as Executive Coaching sessions have now evolved into working with executives, teams, and individuals seeking to improve their learning and the results they are attempting to achieve in their organizations.

Types of Online Coaching and Mentoring

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Training and Improvement
  • Teacher Training and Development
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching online is a method of gaining insights and training on a one-to-one or small group basis. Especially in this pandemic era, Executive Coaching has become the way to go when in-person training is difficult. David P. Langford will be your coach. David may also match you with an experienced professional in your field who has worked with David and understands applied Deming management theory. Busy leaders often don’t have time to attend online training or seminars. Executive Coaching works with the leader’s schedule and personalized coaching needs.

Executives, administrators, teams, teachers, and staff can ask difficult questions, learn at their own pace without pressure, and apply new learning theory and application steps for improving issues.

Who benefits from Executive Coaching:

  • Superintendents or CEO’s
  • Central Office Staff
  • Principals

Two Types of Coaching and Mentoring Sessions


Seminars and webinars almost always operate off of the presenter’s agenda; one way learning from presenter to client. One-to-one Executive Coaching allows greater flexibility for both the client and coach. Coaching sessions are generally one-hour in length but can continue up to two hours when discussions are relevant and meaningful.

Small Teams or Groups

Small group coaching sessions are limited to a maximum of five people, which can either consist of people from the same organization or like-minded people from organizations throughout the world. Small groups or teams are a more economical approach and encourage interaction between participants.

Example areas of focus for coaching:

  • Deming System of Profound Knowledge
  • PDSA and Tools
  • Methods and reasons to move away from performance appraisals
  • The Neuroscience of teaching and learning
  • Staff development and Coaching
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Creating Learning Experiences
  • Capacity Matrices for Learning and Management
  • Improving Behavior
  • Quality Learning Classrooms

Many options exist for pricing, dates, times and configuration of teams. Please contact us to discuss how Online Coaching & Mentoring can become a regular part of your learning journey.

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Trevor Manendo

Trevor Manendo, Director of Assessment

``David’s knowledge of improvement methodologies and his ability to address questions and issues with my project was very helpful. The Tool Time For Education book is an invaluable resource that I will continue to use in my improvement journey. Overall, working with David was a very impactful experience and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about improving processes and understanding systems.``

John Dues

John Dues, Managing Director

``I consider myself a scholar-practitioner constantly focused on my own learning and improvement. Working with David as an executive coach has been the single most transformational professional learning experience in which I have engaged in my twenty year career in education. I'd highly recommend his executive coaching services to anyone interested in a quality learning approach to educational improvement.``

Catie Routson

Catie Routson, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

``The improvement coaching and Langford Learning online curriculum will continue to have an impact on my work in education for years to come. After this training, I am so motivated to bring the tools and knowledge to my school to help improve the work we do for students.``