flow chart deployment

What is it?

A Flow Chart: Deployment provides a graphic representation of the work path or sequence of activities that comprise a process and the people involved in each step.

When is it used?

Flow Chart: Deployments are used to obtain clarity and communicate process flow and responsibilities.

Where is it used?

Flow Chart: Deployments are often used, but not limited to steps 1, 3, 5 and 8 of the PDSA – Probletunity Improvement Process.

Why is it used?

Flow Chart: Deployments:

• have all the benefits of Standard Flowcharts.
• help everyone involved in a process see how their responsibilities relate to the whole process.
• highlight customer/supplier relationships within the process.

Sample uses:

Use a Flow Chart: Deployment:

• with students, instead of planning lessons for them.
• to see the process for completing a learning project.
• to show the purchasing process.
• to show training procedures.
• with students to create the process for a field trip.


  1. Name the process and write the name at the top of a flip chart.
  2. Develop an intent or purpose statement for the process and write this under the title.
  3. Clearly define the boundaries and level of detail. Decide where and/or when to start and stop.
  4. Identify the cast of characters; people involved in the process. List these across the top of the chart under the statement of purpose.
  5. Observe and record the process in operation. Use sticky notes to list each of the major steps in the process. One step on each sticky note.
  6. Use the simple symbols to construct the flow of the process by placing sticky notes in the process order.
  7. Connect the symbols with a line. Each line has an arrow pointing to the following step symbol in the process.
  8. Check for accuracy, completeness, consistency and detail.
  9. Study the Flow Chart. Collect data and determine how, where, when, etc., the process can be improved.
  10. It may be necessary to add dashed vertical lines to better identify the tasks for which each person is responsible. These lines are often called swim lanes.
Deployment Flow Charting

Used with permission from: Dr. Myron Tribus Deployment Flow Charting Quality & Productivity, Inc., ASIN: B00072FLOG

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