Introduction to Quality Learning and PDSA (course only)


This course led by David P. Langford takes participants through an introduction of Quality Learning, where did start, what is it, and why is it still relevant, and facilitates people through a short PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) process. It is the right course for anyone interested in understanding quality improvement.

Upon registration and payment, the online Quality Learning and PDSA course link will be sent via email to the person registering for the course.   

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Quality Learning and Probletunity PDSA. The course covers the basic introductory history of quality improvement, and the Langford Learning Process to Improve Learning Systems using the Tool Time Capacity Learning Matrix, PDSA – Probletunity Overview, Tool Selector Matrix, and Probletunity Storyboard. David explains what a Capacity Matrix is, and then facilitates a small group of people applying the tools through the Probletunity PDSA process using 19 quality improvement tools from our Tool Time book.

The 19 quality improvement tools are: Affinity Diagram, Bar Chart, Benchmarking: Numerical, Benchmarking: Process, Column Chart, DIGA (Describe, Interpret Generalize Apply), Fishbone Diagram, Flow Chart: Deployment, Focus Groups, Gantt Chart, If…Then, Lotus Diagram, Morphing, Multi-Voting: Hot Dot, Operational Definitions, Parking Lot, Pie Chart, Problem Statement, and Run Chart.

The Quality Learning Probletunity PDSA course demonstrates to participants how to use the tools and then asks participants to apply the tools as they build their own Probletunity PDSA Storyboard. Each module is relatively short, ranging from 12 – 40 minutes. Applying the tools will take extra time, pending on how the groups decide to coordinate and work together. Each teacher or administrator can experience the course videos on their own and then work on a group PDSA with their colleagues.