Tool Time for Healthcare


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Tool Time for Healthcare

The Tool Time for Healthcare edition by David P. Langford is a top-selling quality improvement tool guide for healthcare professionals. The spiral-bound handbook is an excellent resource to take to meetings and use at work. The book is easy to read and understand with diagrams and explanations of the Probletunity Improvement PDSA process and 64 Quality Improvement Tools and their suggested uses for healthcare.

Our goal was simplicity. Each tool has a process explanation. Cross-referenced to the Probletunity Improvement PDSA process for fast tool selection and implementation, healthcare professionals will spend less time selecting the 64 Quality Improvement Tools and more time learning how, when, and where to use them.

The Tool Time for Healthcare book also describes how to use Quality Improvement Tools in the Probletunity Improvement PDSA process to assess, evaluate, and improve daily performance, streamline department focus, and strengthen and sustain the healthcare organization’s unique management systems.

Used by office staff, healthcare professionals, doctors, trainers, consultants, administrators, and board members to optimize learning and improvement, the Tool Time for Healthcare books are a must for every healthcare improvement team.

The Tool Time for Healthcare book provides the resources for healthcare improvement teams to use their skills and knowledge to identify areas of improvement and windows of opportunity and plan and implement improvement strategies and processes using data-insight practices. The Tool Time for Healthcare book is a resource to help healthcare professionals assess and analyze current processes.

Learn how to effectively evaluate and improve the office, ER, OR, and the hospital’s progress and create measured sustainable positive employee involvement, and performance improvement. Healthcare improvement teams will develop targets for improvement and create steady, sustainable employee involvement in improvement projects.

This colorized book is a necessary quality improvement resource for every healthcare provider!

Solidify a journey of continual healthcare improvement and sustained intrinsic motivation for staff and administrators.

Improve employee performance and create Joy in Work and Leading!

Thousands of copies of this personal resource book are already in use in healthcare organizations.

ISBN 978-0-9904304-8-3

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As a Healthcare Administrator these books have been invaluable to my day to day responsibilities. A great deal of my job revolves around process improvement initiatives and the books are full of strategies that can be applied with ease. The knowledge I’ve gained as a result, has helped bolster my effectiveness within my role. They are a must have in any healthcare administrator’s office!

Carter Roberts, MHA