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Tool Time for LEAN

Co-authored by David P. Langford and Sarah Pavelka, the Tool Time for Lean spiral-bound book is an excellent resource for education, business, and healthcare.  The book is easy to read and understand with diagrams and explanations of 25 Lean Quality Improvement Tools and their suggested uses.  You’ll understand how Lean tools can successfully apply to the Probletunity Improvement PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) process.

Lean tools and methods focus on creating value for the customer or client based on removing any waste and improving the flow of materials, supplies, information, or equipment.  The Lean philosophy identifies Seven Forms of Lean Wastes that occur in organizations.  Successful organizations seek to discover, reduce, or eliminate these wastes.

The Probletunity Improvement PDSA process provides a robust application for applying Lean tools in any organization.  The Tool Time for Lean book aligns the Lean 6-Step model to the Probletunity Improvement PDSA 9-Step process.

Our goal was simplicity.  Each graphically represented tool has a process explanation.  Cross-referenced to the Probletunity Improvement PDSA process for fast tool selection and implementation, you will spend less time selecting tools and more time learning how, when, and where to use them.

Originally intended to be used in a manufacturing setting, many sectors, such as healthcare, business, education, military, service, and government, are successfully using the Lean tools and philosophy.

Healthcare professionals, business leaders, administrators, employees from schools, universities, personnel staff, manufacturing employees, training instructors, and corporations, hospitals, and government agencies, use Tool Time for Lean.

The Tool Time for Lean book is a must for Lean improvement teams.  It is a personal resource book you will use again and again.

ISBN 978-0-9904304-9-0

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“Tool Time for Lean has been a great resource to support improvement activities.  From the Crosswalk to the specific tool instructions, the information is so straightforward and clear – It’s a must-have as a quality reference, and an ideal text for those learning process improvement methods.”

Iris Vering, CPHQ, Account Executive, PDCM Insurance.

Tool Time for Lean is a great reference for anyone taking the Lean Journey. There are plenty of books on lean tools which give you abundant information to digest. It is a challenge for most of the readers to grasp the concepts and put it in practice because of the sheer volume in understanding the concepts. In this book, the lean tools are presented in a concise format with some basic but important bullet points namely, What is it?, When is it used?, Where is it used?, Why is it used?, Sample uses, Other uses and process itself is depicted in  visual cues. And it also provides useful template for the tools discussed in the book. You cannot go wrong with this book. I recommend it 100%. This is one book I will always have it with me as a reference for my lean management.

Shreekanth Chutkay, PMP, Iowa Specialty Hospital