We believe Langford Quality Learning is intrinsic and timeless.  Every day administrators, teachers, professors and students are enabled to break out of the box of conformity to create true life-long-learning opportunities, moving all the way from information-gathering to wisdom. Join us on a learning adventure.  Allow us to shatter your expectations and focus your creativity to create new, flexible, learning environments that inspire students to become passionate 21st Century learners.

Langford Quality Learning in organizations is achieved through continual improvement and redesign of systems, which aim to produce the optimum state of personal, social, physical, and intellectual development within each individual.  Quality Learning means learning to consistently meet or exceed expectations of colleagues (students, teachers, administrators, parents, professors, governing boards, classified staff) and society (business, military, government, healthcare, education) so both entities flourish.  It is a commitment to excellence by each individual and is achieved through teamwork and a process of continual improvement and/or redesign.  The result: society and colleague loyalty now and in the future.

What Makes Langford Learning Unique?

Individuals learn to chart their learning, evaluate their progress and take responsibility for their own learning (intrinsic motivation).  When implementing Langford Quality Learning techniques and basic statistical tools, learners improve their learning processes by identifying, defining and overcoming the barriers that stand in their way. David P. Langford first implemented quality learning tools, techniques, theories, and philosophies in the educational environment over two decades ago.  The results were dramatic.  Students realized that school exists to foster life-long learning and happiness.  Since that time, Langford International Inc. has integrated continual improvement and redesign methods and concepts into student learning, school leadership, and promoting partnerships between the corporate and education worlds.  Over 35,000 educators from around the world have attended David’s seminars and continue to use his training as the basis for a 21st Century learning transformation.

Our Vision and Purpose

It is Langford International, Inc’s vision that Langford Quality Learning processes create and motivate committed, knowledgeable leaders and facilitators who continually improve learning systems. Our purpose is to aid in the construction and development of improvement processes that create knowledgeable leaders and facilitators who:

  • Understand the need for systemic improvement.
  • Are motivated to improve learning systems.
  • Work to exceed the expectations of society.
  • Use effective communication techniques.
  • Can construct, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate improvement innovations.
  • Understand that trust and teamwork play an important role in organizational improvement.
  • Guide and train others to understand the overall importance of philosophies and theoretical approaches directed toward improving learning in all walks of life.
  • Develop brain-based experiential projects and exercises designed to formulate an effective systemic improvement process.
  • Improve the quality of learning as a natural part of the education process.
  • Take action.

Langford International Inc. provides:

Techniques, tools, learning processes, philosophies, and theories of quality learning as they are currently understood provide the foundation and pathways for motivation, drivers for improvement, resources, and in-depth strategic team-training necessary to facilitate continual quality improvement in learning.  Join our critical mass of people who understand and work consistently to improve learning.

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