While it’s great to teach students about discipline, there’s a huge discrepancy between “work” and “learning.” What if teachers started the day by saying, “Quiet down guys, we have a lot of learning to get done today.” This simple switch changes the feeling of the classroom.

Dear David, I teach lower level Spanish — Spanish 1 and 2. I am excited to try some of your ideas in my classes, although I'm having a hard time envisioning using some of the ideas in my classes because there is so much that goes into learning a language that is different than other classes. Do you have any specific ideas for me?

Quality Learning: Goal Tending

As a Continuous Improvement consultant for schools, districts, colleges and universities, I continually encounter the same common systemic problems no matter the size of the organization, nor its location in the world. One of these common problems is the idea of goal setting to improve performance either within the class-room or the organization.

Not long ago, I was asked to run a workshop for a group of administrators to address the issue of “carrot and stick” management in their school district. I encouraged them to brainstorm ways to prevent behavior problems in their schools, instead of spending their time sopping up metaphorical spilled milk. Yet after only a few hours of group work, one of the principals called me over to his table and……